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How to create the boho chic playroom of your dreams

How to create the boho chic playroom of your dreams

Setting up a playroom for your little one is an exciting project where your imagination can run wild!


Whether you have a spare room, or just a corner, with a little creativity and planning you can transform your space into the playroom of your child’s dreams.

Let’s explore five easy steps to help you bring your vision to life and create a magical space for your child(ren).

1. Theme / Style

Never dive into any project without first considering the purpose and style (theme), as it will serve as your guide throughout the design process.

You want to create a space that reflects your child's personality and promotes their imagination and creativity, make sure you factor in your children's interests and age.

Toddlekind Prettier Puzzle Playmat, Kyte (wheat) featured by @babybearnicole


Ideally, you want to pick a style your child won’t outgrow quickly, and that will suit your home. One popular style is bohemian chic or "boho chic" style which reflects a carefree, artistic spirit of Bohemians. 

What is boho style? “Bohemian” or “Boho chic” is a laid-back, relaxed and individualistic way of decorating. While this look began long ago, today it is interpreted based on your style and taste.

 A boho-chic playroom can provide your little ones with a vibrant and inspiring environment. Let's explore how to create a playroom, with a boho chic aesthetic.


2. Layout & Storage

Theme decided. Now, it's time to plan the layout of the playroom.

Assess your space and consider different zones that you may like to incorporate like a reading nook, a craft station, a play kitchen, and a designated space for toys. Vertical storage will help you maximise the space, and consider clear containers or labels that will make “tidy up time” tear-free and help teach your children organisational skills. 


Consider zones in your playroom, like a kitchen area or a reading nook 


The boho chic style embraces the beauty of the natural world, so incorporating nature is essential. Plants always add to the overall aesthetic of a home. A potted plant on an out-of-reach shelf (or hanging planter), creates a healthier and more inspiring environment for your child.

Think natural elements, textures, eclectic mix of colours, and textures.

Consider adding a small indoor teepee or canopy to create a fun hideaway. This will encourage a sense of adventure and imaginative play, but also assist with zoning for the different play spaces you want to create.


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3. Appropriate Furniture and Flooring

Selecting the right furniture and flooring is crucial to creating a safe and functional playroom. Child-friendly furniture - like bean bags, cushions, and child-sized tables and chairs - and soft fabrics create a safe, comfortable space.

Consider using wooden furniture with rounded corners or rattan pieces to add a rustic touch.


Boho chic playrooms are all about creating cosy and inviting spaces for your child to explore, play, and relax. Add comfortable seating options like floor cushions, pouffes, or bean bags. Place a soft, plush play mat in a designated play area.

Toddlekind's organic cotton range: Luxe, Leaf and Pretty Practical 

Consider adding a reading nook with space for books, comfy seating, and soft lighting. This will encourage your child to develop a love for reading while enjoying the boho-chic atmosphere.

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Often the floor is where we nurture, support and capture memories, so why shouldn’t the floor take centre stage as a key part of your decor?

From tummy time to their first roll babies learn, grow and discover on the floor.

The floor is where parents - and their little ones - spend most of their time so it requires thoughtful attention just as much as the comfort, and design of the furniture.

Toddlekind’s selection of play mats all add warmth, and insulation as well as define different play areas within the room. 

Our Prettier Puzzle play mats are completely customisable in size and perfect for any playroom. You can start with a standard option, then expand it as your baby grows using our clever puzzle pieces that have edging to offer a seamless look. 

Persian Puzzle Playmat (Sand)

4. Colours, Materials & Patterns

Boho draws inspiration from nature and incorporates earthy tones.

Opt for a colour palette that includes warm neutrals like clay, beige, wheat and mocha. Complement the warm neutrals with pops of colour like deep blues, rich greens, or even yellows like TK's sunshine. Use these colours on the walls, furniture, and accessories.

TK splat mat is a great addition to go under a table and chairs for messy play, and snack time.

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Focus on natural elements for the materials that you use. Consider using wooden or rattan pieces and incorporate natural fibres like jute or sisal in curtains, and cushions to create texture and warmth.


Toddlekind's Prettier Playmat (Clay)


Boho chic is fearless with pattern combinations. Mix & Match to create an eclectic and playful atmosphere. Consider incorporating floral prints, geometric shapes, or even animal prints.

Keep the colour scheme cohesive to maintain harmony in the space.

If you’re nervous about choosing patterns, remember to balance large-scale prints with smaller ones. This will create visual interest without overwhelming the space.


5. Interactive Elements & Personal Touches

The final step is to incorporate interactive elements and personal touches to bring the playroom to life.

Playrooms are for engaging and stimulating curious little minds.

Encourage imaginative play with interactive elements like a play tent, mini kitchen, chalkboard, magnet wall or an indoor slide.

Slides, wobble boards, balance beams and climbing frames also offer an interactive element.

Don't forget to add age-appropriate toys, puzzles, and games that align to encourage active play and provide endless opportunities for creativity and learning.

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Including art and personal touches in the playroom makes it feel more unique, personalised and special. Hang your child's artwork on the walls or create a gallery wall with framed prints and photographs.


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You can also add bohemian-inspired wall hangings, dreamcatchers, or macrame decorations to enhance the playroom's boho chic vibe. These artistic elements will add texture, visual interest, and a sense of whimsy to the space.

Display your child's favourite toys, or handmade crafts on open shelves or in wicker baskets for a touch of personalisation.

Designing a boho chic playroom is an opportunity to create a whimsical and inspiring space for your child. By embracing earthy tones, mixing patterns, creating cosy nooks, showcasing art and personal touches, and incorporating elements of nature, you can bring the boho chic aesthetic to life in your child's playroom.

Remember to keep safety in mind and prioritise organisation.

With a bit of planning and creativity, you can create a playroom that will become a cherished space for your family for years to come.




Images in order of appearance: 

Cover image: Prettier Puzzle Playmat, Kyte (mocha)

1. @babybearnicole featuring Prettier Puzzle Playmat, Kyte (wheat)   |    2. Playroom zones: @frichic   |   3. Prettier Playmat, Linear (Linen)   |  4. Toddlekind's organic cotton range: Luxe, Leaf and Pretty Practical    |  6. Persian Puzzle Playmat (Sand)    |  7. Bedroom: @susana.alheli / TK product image  | 8. Prettier Puzzle Playmat, Kyte (wheat)   |  9. Playroom: @lauren.wilcox

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