As parents, we compromise many things for our kids. Here at Toddlekind® we believe that interior design shouldn´t be one of them. That´s why we´ve sought to develop Toddlekind´s® prettier playmats, with all the functionality of a traditional foam puzzle mat, only plusher and with stunning designs.

Want to know the best thing about our playmats? They don´t look like playmats at all. Toddlekind® playmats look like a high-end rug, merging seamlessly into the design of your beautiful home, whilst still protecting your little toddler from their daily tumbles. Let’s bring an end to multi-coloured, headache-inducing kids’ clutter, and keep your house stylishly you, without compromise.


Toddlekind® was founded in early 2018 by mum of two, Samantha Brueckner, who was searching high and low for a stylish playmat for her baby. It was her failure to find a beautiful playmat that set her on the journey to develop Toddlekind´s® prettier playmats.


What´s in a name? Toddlekind® has a dual nationality name, just like our half German, half British family. Toddle describes how a small child walks, and comes from the word "Toddler" meaning small child, and "Kind" is the German word for child. So to German ears it means and sounds one way and to English ears another. That´s how it is in our household on a daily basis!

Persian Collection: Being half Persian and influenced by the Persian rugs around the home as a child, Samantha sought to create something that resembled a Persian rug but with the faded shabby chic look so popular today.

Nordic Collection: Now residing in Germany, Scandinavian interiors are very influential in design interiors in northern Europe. Samantha took her inspiration from the geometric lines often seen in Scandinavian design concepts today.

Toddlekind Playmats History - our story