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Our Clean Wean mat and other weaning essentials

Our Clean Wean mat and other weaning essentials
Weaning is a really exciting milestone to reach. You’re introducing your baby to a world of tastes and textures and setting the foundations for a lifetime of enjoyable eating. You’re learning right alongside them so here are our top essentials to help you on your way: 

Clean Wean mat


Mushed butternut or broccoli florets – it’s a messy journey from milk to food. That’s why we’ve designed your new best friend – our Clean Wean mat. Created to keep your floors free of food and to look good while doing it, our Clean Wean mat is about to be the hero of your weaning journey. Just spread it under your Little One’s highchair and you’re good to go. Once the meal is done, simply shake it out outside or wipe it down with a damp cloth. Check out our three collections in 12 colourways. 


Reusable food pouches


We’re all about reducing the amount of waste we generate and reusable food pouches are a great way to get the convenience of a food pouch without the waste. They’re also really easy to use, which is always a pro. Check out these pouches available at Nom Nom Kids.


High chair


Photo credit: Flexa.com

Including your tot in family meals is a really great way to get them used to the experience of eating together. It teaches them table manners, how to approach food and also involves them in the social side of your family. Popping them in a highchair is any easy way to bring them to the table. They come in all shapes and sizes for all manner of spaces but we advise you prioritise ease of cleaning over anything else. We like this one from Flexa that you can pop in the dishwasher.


Weaning spoons


Small, soft spoons are what you want to start with, especially when baby is teething. We love these bamboo and silicone ones.


Steamer and blender


Photo credit: mumcentral.com.au/

If you’re making your own purees then a steamer and blender are essential additions to your weaning kit. You can steam and blend just about anything, we particularly like a combination of apple, butternut, sweet potato and a pinch of cinnamon. Check out this list of the top 10 baby steamers & blenders. 




The start of your baby’s food journey is going to be messy, but along with the Clean Wean Mat, a bib will help mitigate some of the flying food mess and hopefully reduce some of the spaghetti stains on those beautiful baby clothes. We have been known to strip our little ones down to their nappies, weather permitting, but the bib still keeps their chests and tummies dry. We can vouch for this one from Baby Björn . It´s the best we found for catching those food pieces, it is easy to clean and comes in loads of different colours.


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