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Our Top 5 Nursery Trends for 2020/2021

Our Top 5 Nursery Trends for 2020/2021

As adults we’re told to tell our stories and be our authentic selves, and I believe the earlier we teach this to children the better it will be for their development and overall wellbeing. Designing their rooms to allow them this freedom is a great place to start.

Let's face it 2020 has been a very unusual year for everyone around the world and it's not something that we can ignore, as it has affected all industries. A lot of the trends that we've had in 2020 will definitely roll over into 2021.

Designing children's interiors is extremely gratifying, as it's the one room in the house where you can have the most fun of expression. Here’s our top five trends we’ll be seeing in 2021.

1. Unisex Playrooms and Nurseries

We've always believed in designing rooms to be gender-neutral. This has become even more of a demand with Gen Z who expect more options and choices. 

Photo credit: @our_messyfairytale
Playmat featured: Persian - Smoke

2. Pastels Please

Pastel Nursery Lavender Playmat Girls Room

Which brings us onto our next trend, pastels. These are not only gender-neutral friendly but extremely calming. Pastels also help when siblings are sharing a room as it gives you the flexibility to cater to different and growing personalities. Allowing you to incorporate different colours to appease each child.

Photo credit: @danusiowo
Playmat featured: Persian - Lavender

3. Scandinavian & Nordic Rooms

Nordic Scandinavian Playroom Bedroom Pebble Playmat Deco

This trend grows in popularity every year. And it's definitely not going anywhere in 2021. If you’re here for minimal, then you’re in the right place. Pale walls, warm, cosy textures, clean lines. This style allows you to change your decor easier as your child grows and they begin to discover their individuality. 

Photo credit: @_historiasdemicasa_
Playmat featured: Nordic - Pebble

4. Into The Wild

jungle trend playroom nursery animal print yellow mustard earth series playmat

Lockdown has absolutely made us appreciate the outdoors even more. And what with all of us turning into crazy plant people, this next nursery should be no surprise. Jungle nurseries are getting wilder and more adventurous. Give me all the animal print  wallpaper, rugs, and window treatments. Layering is great, don’t be shy.

Photo credit: @keeelly91
Playmat featured: Earth - Mustard Flower

5. All The Colours

Colourful Bedroom Nursery Neo Matcha Mint Playmat
Yes, that’s right. All the colours. Colourful rooms are popping up everywhere. Whether you’re going for a themed room (circus, favourite TV character) or you’re happy to use every colour in the rainbow. This mood amplifying trend is definitely growing. You can choose to paint the walls and go for colourful furniture options or keep the walls simple with pops of colourful furniture and accessories instead. 

Photo credit: @bowinthesky
Playmat featured: Nordic - Neo Matcha

Written By Camellia Odojukan


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