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Say hello to our brand new Clean Wean Mats

Say hello to our brand new Clean Wean Mats


We can all agree that ‘eating’ in general is a fun but messy activity when you’re a small person. But when you’re that small person’s parent, there is a certain level of distress that comes with watching a fork full of spaghetti bolognese launched into the air and landing square on your beautiful grey carpet. That’s where our lovely (and oh-so-functional) Clean Wean mats step in to save the day. Slip one under your highchair and your carpet/wooden floor/tiles are happily protected from any falling debris.




Designed with style and function in mind, our Clean Wean mats are attractive and, at 104cm/41in in diameter, the perfect size for under a highchair. But that’s not all, once your tot has got the hang of their knives and forks (or even before), these waterproof mats make great protective surfaces for arts and crafts and are perfect for rolling out as a picnic mat. It’s no secret we love a multifunctional product.

 Made with non-toxic PVC, our mats are free of all the nasties, lab tested and best of all – wipe clean. There’ll be no scrubbing food stains out of the carpet when you’ve got one of these beauties in place. Just a few swipes with a wipe and you’re good to go.

The Clean Wean mats come in three gorgeous collections.

The Ammil Collection

This collection is hand illustrated and draws inspiration from a glittering layer of ice, frosting the leaves. There are four different colourways in this collection – Clouds, Sunshine, Sunrise and Night.


The Spotted Series

This is a Scandi-inspired collection in earthy colours. Bold spotted designs created to make your floors look just as stylish as the rest of your home. Pick from four colours – Blue Pansy, Dusky Rose, Clay and Dove.


The Jungle Series

And finally – a playful nod to the jungalow trend in four stylish colours ­– Teal, Beige, Nude and Grey.

Step this way to snap one up, they sure to become a mainstay on any ‘must-have’ list. 

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