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Across the globe, Scandinavian design is influencing interiors and the way we think about decor and style in our homes. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality is what sets the Scandinavian style apart from other design movements, and although it grew in the five Nordic countries, the whole world now wants a piece of it.

White walls, subtle colour palettes, and striking modern furniture are just a few of the characteristics you might find in a Scandinavian design interior. But now it’s not just our living rooms and kitchens that are celebrating this trend, families are now choosing Scandinavian design for their kids’ rooms.

 scandi kids room

Scandinavian design isn’t just about the look, it’s now a lifestyle.


Focusing on quality over quantity and prioritising clean, clutter free places, Scandinavian design promotes calming and focused spaces which lots of parents want to incorporate into their kids’ rooms. Scandinavian design encourages children to focus on different parts of the room, one at a time, while helping to create a soothing atmosphere that children can rest, grow and play in. 


Quality imaginative toys and innovative design is at at the heart of Scandinavian design, and modern nursery decor brand, Scandiborn, offer just that. We are so pleased to announce that Scandiborn will be stocking our children’s play mats as of April 2019. Our Nordic play mat’s are inspired by the geometric lines of Scandinavian interiors which give a patchwork tile effect, and will bring a sense of style to any home.


If you would like to incorporate Scandinavian design into your kids’ room then here are some tips on how to get started.


  1. Start with a blank canvas and choose a neutral colour pallet. White walls & subtle colours that match and compliment each other will work best.


  1. If you would prefer wallpaper, you can choose a feature wall and go for a fun and playful wallpaper which is still stylish. A world map design or grey mountain wallpaper are both a popular choice for a Scandi theme.


  1. Don’t be afraid of colour. Although the Scandinavian design is very much about white walls, a pop of colour isn’t unheard of, especially in kids’ rooms. But try to keep things simple and go for a range of pastel colours or one or two bold colours.


  1. Go for some classic furniture that will be easy to adapt and work around as your children grow up. How the space will be used is very important for a Scandinavian style room so go for multifunctional pieces that can be easily rearranged and moved.


  1. Invest in kids’ toys that are high quality and that will also look good on show so that they will last a long time and can even be passed down to the next generation.


  1. To max out the light in the room, go for white painted floors, mirrored pieces and sheer window dressings. The more light and airy the room is the better.


  1. To create a relaxed tidy look you will need to invest in storage space. Opting for furniture that offers neat, tucked away places to store things will make this a reality.


  1. The bed is the key feature in any bedroom so go for a modern kids’ bed with a simple frame. Practicality is everything when it comes to Scandinavian design so go for cribs that turn into toddler beds.


  1. Scandi design is all about mixing soft furnishings. Opt for a variety of textures and patterns like geometric knits in neutral tones. Don’t be shy on the amount of pillows and throws to include to achieve a cozy Scandi look.


  1. Keep accessories to a minimum. Choose only ones that have a function like a statement light or a modern fun children’s clock for on the wall.


Most importantly have fun with it and create a room your child and you will be proud to present!

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