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The story behind Toddlekind

The story behind Toddlekind

I’m a mum of two, but I remember well that first pregnancy. I was so excited, just beginning to show, when I decided to start shopping for my baby.  I had so many ideas about how I wanted the nursery and playroom to look. Having recently renovated our house in Germany I was brimming with stylish thoughts about the interior design for my child’s rooms.


That disappointment I felt when I looked for a playmat stayed with me for my entire pregnancy. And we all know how long that is!  I knew I wanted something that would of course protect my child, but at every turn all I discovered were brightly- coloured mats in garish designs that I knew would not work with my existing interior design scheme.


By the time I was a mother, I had become a ‘mumpreneur’ and Toddlekind was born.  My mission was to help other parents who suffered a similar dilemma and relieve their frustrations by creating a play mat that was not only plush, protecting and non-toxic, but also stylish enough to fit into a beautiful home. I decided to reinvent the foam puzzle playmat. Having a baby that spits up all the time, I saw the practicality of wipe-clean foam. Also, the puzzle pieces are super practical enabling you to create a playmat to fit any space. The possibilities are endless, we have a small one in our nursery but a playroom size playmat (4 together) in our living room in place of a rug.


I designed Toddlekind with stylish parents in mind. With two patterns to choose from: Persian - which takes inspiration from my own heritage and Nordic that offers some serious scandi cool, parents can pick from a range of bold, modern colours that will emulate a high end rug.  Put these mats down and you’ll see how they lift the room, whilst giving it a chic edge. Even better- they are ideal for babies - wipe-clean and non-toxic and most importantly - perfect for protecting your child from inevitable tumbles.


I feel like I’ve achieved a lot so far - I noticed a gap in the market and have created a niche product to fill it. But what I’m most proud of is the mats themselves. They really are beautiful in their own right.  But you need to see that for yourself - and I’d love to know what you think.

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