Persian Collection Assembly

STEP 1 - With the edging in place, separate tiles into - Style 'A' and 'B'

A Tiles -four leaf clover like pattern in lower right corner / star-like pattern at the top left

B Tiles - four leaf clover like pattern in the lower left corner / star-like pattern at the top right

STEP 2- Choose a layout & attach tiles

Tip- start with the centre tiles that only have one side of edging.

Toddlekind Persian Playmat Assembly

STEP 3- Assemble Multiple Mats together

When joining up multiple packs, edge pieces are interchangeable and don't always match the tile pattern exactly.

Note: there are two types of edge pieces that fit together.

Baby Playmat from Toddlekind Assembly Guide

Disclaimer: Please note that by connecting two or more mats together, there is a 2cm loss per connection due to interlocking of edging.